Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monkey Business

Recently I have become a lot more interested in Blogging, when something funny or interesting happens in my life the first thing I think about is..."that would be cool to blog about" Like the fact that my dog eats poopsicles.... okay so that's not funny or interesting, but it is a blog to come!
So I was talking to the hubby (who makes a living working on computers all day) and we decided to get our own domain. We bought our domain, for $6.51/year. I know I know, it really broke the bank, but I am hoping that it brings joy and laughter to all of you all year long, so it's worth it!
The name you ask?

I was going to keep the blog name the same, but if you follow me at all, you know that I am very bad about blogging every day so the name Becky's Daily just doesn't fit! So I racked my brain, and many things went through my head.
The first was "The Scoop" or "Get the Scoop" However I wanted to design my own header, and all that was coming to mind with a title like that, was something that looks kinda like this:
FYI: This is not my cat's box! I stole this picture from online

Then I started thinking Ice Cream Scoop. What's the problem with that you ask? I am supposed to be on a diet, and if I log into my blog every day and see a delicious looking ice cream I am going to want one! Made me start thinking of the picture above, surely if it is what I look at every day I won't want anything to eat right? Gross I know.

So I tried to rack my brain a little more. If I named it My Shenanigans what would I use for a picture, or font? I thought it would be lame to just call it Becky's Blog. So I decided to just design a header, and go from there.
To be honest the finished product was absolutely nothing like I had first imagined. I was first picturing some bright colors with whimsy looking flowers and trees. I went to Picnik, because I have used it alot in the past for editing my pictures, and I had seen alot of things that you could do with the website, so I decided to give it a try.
When I was looking on Picnik and saw a couple of monkeys. All of a sudden it dawned on me! I will call my blog Monkey Business.

For as far back as I can remember my Grandfather (Pepere) would say, "I don't want none of your Monkey Business" He would say this when my brother and I were causing trouble, fighting with each other, getting into something that we shouldn't, and sometimes he would say it just to make us laugh.
So this is what I came up with.

I am fairly new to blogging, so I will try to find away to get all of my current posts over to: Monkey Business

I hope that you will follow me, and I hope that you enjoy Monkey Business

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Wish List

There are far to many things that I want for Christmas. I want a Shark Steam Mop:
I want to redo my bathrooms with something like this:
I want a new Kitchen Faucet. Something like this:

But enough of the material wants. There are things that I want far more than the things I listed above.

1. I wish for peace in the hearts of all the families that have lost someone special in their life this year, and all years past. No matter who it was in their life, a pet, a parent, child, or close friend. I wish that they will find a way to enjoy their holiday, and celebrate their loved ones life.

2. I wish that people will know how precious family is. Not just their blood family, but also those around them that love, and care for them very much. I wish that people will not take others for granted, and realize that that relationship could be over any moment, and for any reason.

3. I wish that children will be raised to enjoy time with their family. To be thankful for gifts, but to not expect them.

4. I wish that my family members that smoke, will be able to put an effort into quitting this year.

5. I wish that all of our soldiers over seas will stay safe, and return to their families safe and sound. I also wish that the families of these Soldiers are able to have a great holiday despite their loved one being away.

I have many wishes as you can tell. However, my biggest wish of all is that my child feels loved. That he will know how much he means to me, and all of my family. I wish that he feels this love during the holiday season, but also all year long. I wish that he learns to love all the people in his life, and have compassion for all around him.

What do you wish for this year?

Stranger Danger

I don't want to be one that poos on the Christmas spirit, but being a Mommy this is something that I have to think about.
Last year we did not take Jonathan to see Santa because he was just over a month old, and had been sick off and on. I did not want to chance that he would pick something up in the mall. So, this year after a lot of thought I decided to take him. Jonny is amused by watching people. When we go shopping he is so well behaved (usually) and he just looks around and watches people as we go past them, always getting attention with his heart melting smile. He just loves being told how cute he is.
Anyway back on subject, while this is a great quality to be such a people person, it is also cause for concern. He is a very trusting baby, sort of someone wearing a Halloween mask I think that he would go to almost anyone.
The reason for concern: SANTA. How many Santa's are there out there? How many are good Santa's, and how many are bad?

Good Santa
Bad Santa

We try to teach our children not to go near strangers, but we encourage them to talk to Santa. When children are young, they only know to see the good in all people. Why would they not want to talk to Santa, or go to the North Pole with him? To often kids are tricked into going with strangers, it seems far to easy for a Santa to do the same.

I wish there was a way to educate our children, but not ruin the Magic of Santa for them.
Besides that how long before they start to realize that the Santa in each mall, or Salvation Army collection spot looks different? Maybe I think about all of this because I don't have a young child's imagination but what do you say? Let me know if you have any ideas.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Christmas Wish

I work very part time at a local Dunkin Donuts, and today I got up at 3:00 AM as I do every Friday morning to open the store. I park my car in our garage, so I don't have to worry about going into the cold to start my car. Instead I get into a nice warm car, and drive 15 minutes to work.
Today after the store was open, there was no one there, just me and two of my co-workers. Well a man came in. He was wearing a hat, and a huge coat with a hood. The hood was very big, and lined with what I assume to be fake fur. The Hood was so big that it came over his eyes, and I could see very little of his face. He came into the store, and went straight to the restroom.
I had never seen him before, and honestly at 5am in the morning I usually only see regulars. You know, the people that order the same thing every week, and you can almost make their coffee as they walk through the door because you know exactly what they are going to order. Well, this is going to sound awful, but because I had never seen him before, I was a little creeped out. I know its bad to stereotype people, but he looked like the type to rob someone.
I was talking to my co-workers about him while he spent 20 plus minutes in the restroom, and one of the girls said that he has been coming in quite often. She said that he has been coming in with change and buying a muffin. She said that then he goes and sits in the corner taking his time to eat the muffin. She said that she thinks he is homeless, and just looking for a warm place.
I kind of felt awful after she told me that. Here I am thinking he is gonna rob the place, and the poor guy is just cold. When he came out of the restroom he didn't have his hood on, and form the looks of it he was not much older than I am. I honestly felt guilty for thinking so poorly of him just by looking at him. I felt guilty because I have warm place to go to, food on the table each night, and a loving family at home.
I really wanted to bring him something to eat, but I knew that I would get into trouble by my manager, and I kind of understood that. If I had some money on me I would have bought him something when I left, but at the same time I was worried about offending him.

So another one of my Christmas Wishes this year would be, that I am able to not be so quick to judge people. That I will be able to step back for a minute and not jump to conclusions right away. I hope that people are able to find warm shelter this season, and always have a place to rest their head at night.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gently Exfoliating Crotch Wash

Okay it's not as bad as is sounds. On Monday I went Christmas shopping with a friend, the hubby had the day off so he stayed home with Jonny, and they went out and went shopping for some things that we needed for the house. On the list I had requested Dove Bar soap. This will be far more information than you may want to know, but I only use Dove Bar soap on the Private area...aka Crotch. Well I didn't specify what kind of Dove Bar soap, but considering I have been married to my husband for going on 3 years I ASSUMED he realized that the bar soap was for the delicates. Well, short story short he bought "Gently Exfoliating" Dove soap.

Lesson Learned: Be VERY specific when asking the hubby to go shopping for you.

Most Wonderful Time of The Year?

It doesn't seem it lately! Where things are the best they have been since I got married in my immediate family, all around me things seem to be falling apart. How am I supposed to enjoy this time a year, when everyone around me is experiencing loss, breakups, financial hard times, and more?
I saw a new story the other morning on GMA that said that more people split up in the month of December than any other month of the year...that's crazy to me. This is a time of year that we are supposed to enjoy the company of friends and family. How are we supposed to do that when families are split in half?!?!?!
Since becoming a mother I have become more aware of the things around me. I will admit that before having my son, I was very self absorbed. I was very selfish in that I was all about me, I did what I wanted when I wanted. I just didn't realize how much pain and suffering was going on around me. Since becoming a mother just over a year ago I have known 5 people that have lost a child. 5 People in only a year! Now don't get me wrong I knew people that lost children before becoming a mother, but it didn't affect me the same way that it does now. I have a different ache in my heart for other families. I am also more aware of in divorces.
Through my own struggles in my marriage, and the ways that I learned to work through things, I see other couples struggle, and I just want to reach out and fix it for them. I know that I can't and I think it makes it that much worse!

One of my Many Christmas wishes this year, is that families will be able to embrace each other, enjoy one another, and most of all LOVE each other. I wish that children can learn the value of family. See Christmas as a time to spend with family, to sit around a table and laugh with one another. I hope that children can look past the presents, and realize what a gift their family is!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How beautiful you once were! The Day I set up my Christmas tree it was beautiful! Every ornament was placed just right, and everything was spaced evenly, with not too much of any one color in the same spot. It is only my second Christmas tree ever, and the first one caught on fire less than a week after I set it up!
Well, right now I have 4 dogs and a cat in my home. The dogs chase the cat under the tree, and the cat takes the ornaments off the tree, and bats them around the house as if they were balls. I try to pick them up right away and find a home for them in the tree, but often times I don't even realize she has taken them off the tree until it is in a completely different room.
Last year we were given 6 "Baby's First Christmas" Ornaments, and thank goodness I thought ahead and placed them all at the top of the tree. For now they are safe, at least until the cat decides to climb the tree.